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Boca Raton High Speed Accident Lawyers

February 19, 2023 Car Accidents
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated a new campaign aimed at bringing awareness to the dangers of speeding and persuading America’s drivers to simply slow down and obey all other traffic regulations as well.
The figures are staggering: In 2020 alone, speeding-related traffic deaths in the US increased by more than 17%, to nearly 11,300.
The NHTSA attributes that increase and those since, to increased speeding and other negative driving habits during the nation’s COVID lockdowns.
Speeding limits the driver’s ability to stop and greatly increases the likelihood of catastrophic injury and fatality when a crash occurs. Speeding Kills.
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), raising speed limits leads to more deaths, while enforcement of speed limits reduces speeding in general.
High speed driving has a great impact on the sheer number of accidents caused, the severity of injuries and the overall number of accident-related fatalities.
Nearly 30% of America’s motor vehicle accidents were attributable to speeding, in 2020 alone.
Among the speeding factors that lead to an increased number of crashes:
* Speeding greatly increases the amount of time needed between braking the vehicle and coming to a full stop, which can make an accident nearly unavoidable. This is particularly true in the case of large vehicles, and is therefore a major factor in a high percentage of bus and truck accidents.
* The higher the driving speed, the more difficult it becomes to take the avoidance maneuvers necessary to keep from crashing while also maintaining vehicle control. Such circumstances play a role in many rollover accidents, head on collisions and multi-vehicle accidents.
* It is a well established fact that drunk driving or driving while impaired by any substance is closely related to a significantly increased probability of driving at high speed, which in turn increases the likelihood of a serious motor vehicle accident, catastrophic injury and fatality.
If you or a loved one has been injured or lost their life in a high speed car accident or any other motor vehicle accident, you want compassionate, highly-skilled legal representation to help you seek justice & maximum compensation for your injuries, loss, suffering and property damage.
The attorneys at Boca Injury Law offer nearly 50 years of combined legal experience in all types of personal injury & accident cases. We work tenaciously to investigate each and every client’s case, to hold responsible parties legally and financially accountable for the personal and property damages they have caused.
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