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Boca Raton Boat Accident Lawyers Provide Aggressive & Effective Representation to Achieve Maximum Compensation for Our Injured Clients

One of the most attractive recreational elements of South Florida living is the easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Florida Keys, bays, intracoastal and canal waterways.  Both residents and visitors alike take to our waterways in all types of boats and personal watercraft such as wave runners, yachts, jet-skis, paddleboards, kayaks and canoes. With this comes an increased danger of boating related accidents, injury, and fatalities.

  • The most common type of boating accident is a collision with another boat, followed by boats colliding with fixed objects such as docks, bridges, piers, and buoys.
  • The top causes of boating accidents are lack of attention to driving the boat and/or maintaining proper look-out, often caused by operator inexperience, lack of boating education, distraction or substance-related impairment (BUI).
  • Palm Beach County has the third highest rate of boating accidents in the state and that rate is unfortunately increasing.

Careless or Reckless Boating Leads to Injuries & Fatalities. Our Experienced Attorneys Hold Negligent Parties Legally and Financially Accountable

According to a recent report by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC):

  • There were 836 boating accidents in Florida in 2020, a 16% increase over 2019.
  • 44% or 402 of those accidents involved boat collisions.
  • Florida boating accidents resulted in 79 deaths and nearly 550 serious injuries in 2020 alone.
  • The most common injuries were lacerations & contusions, broken bones and head & back injuries.
  • The three most common causes of boating accident deaths were drowning, due to falling or being ejected overboard, followed by collisions with other vessels and collisions with fixed objects.

Contact our Boca Raton Boating Accident Law Firm Today for a Free, No Obligation Consultation

The boating accident attorneys at Boca Injury Law are highly skilled and experienced in investigating, prosecuting and litigating cases involving property damage, personal injury and wrongful death as the result of boating mishaps. We work vigorously for our clients to hold responsible those who have been negligent, careless or reckless, in the pursuit of justice and compensation for our client’s injuries and losses.

Victims of boating accidents may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Past, present and future medical care and expenses related to the accident, including initial emergency care, hospital stays, surgeries, doctor visits, rehabilitative care, medications and medical equipment;
  • Loss of earnings and other compensation;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Additional compensation in wrongful death cases.

Boca Injury Law maintains offices in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens and Stuart, FL to serve our clients at their convenience. 

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