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Spring Break Accident & Injury Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton

February 22, 2023 Personal Injury
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The Sunshine State welcomes more than 100 million visitors annually, many thousands of them young people taking to our beaches, waterways, lodging & entertainment venues while on Spring Break.
With such a large influx of Spring Break visitors in a relatively short timespan, South Florida in particular sees a sharp increase in motor vehicle accidents, as well as injuries suffered while boating, bicycling, walking or jogging and while patronizing local hotels, nightclubs, bars, concerts, stores, restaurants, sporting events and theme parks. 
Some of the most common accidents, injuries and fatalities that see a dramatic increase during the Spring Break season especially:
With such a vast increase in the number of visitors comes a corresponding increase in motor vehicle traffic and accidents of all kinds: car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, scooters, dirt bikes, mopeds and ATVs among them. 
Couple this increase with visitors navigating unfamiliar roads, signage and traffic laws, or even operating vehicles recklessly or while intoxicated, and it is easy to understand how driving accidents, injuries and fatalities occur in far higher numbers than usual.
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), drunk driving accident deaths increase by nearly 23% during Spring Break. 
Avoid tragedy during what should be an exciting & enjoyable vacation: don’t drive any vehicle while impaired by any intoxicating substance.
DUI drivers not only hit other motor vehicles, but often cause pedestrian accidents and bicyclist accidents as well, with catastrophic consequences.
In addition to DUI vehicle accidents, intoxicated persons are prone to other serious accidents, injuries & fatality due to their impairment:
Slip, trip and fall accidents are particularly prevalent among Spring Breakers at hotels, concerts, bars, nightclubs and other venues where lighting may already be insufficient, where there are physical installations such as stairs, escalators or balconies, or wet areas such as pools & hot tubs.
Unfortunately, for many Spring Breakers and the locals who may join in, binge drinking, recreational drug use, large unruly crowds and the near-constant party atmosphere can lead to severe lapses in judgement, aggressive behavior and even physical and/or sexual violence.
In addition to the tough criminal penalties for those convicted of such offenses, assault victims can sue their attackers for personal injury, as well as the venue where the assault took place.
Other common causes of Spring Break accidents and injuries:
A basic principle of Florida premises liability law, called Duty of Care, establishes that business and property owners are legally required to provide an adequate level of competent security to their guests, patrons & other visitors, as well as for their own employees, while on their premises. 
If there is a failure to provide such security, for reasons of negligence, incompetence or even a complete absence of security personnel and/or equipment, the venue and its owners can be held liable for injuries, damages and fatalities that may occur to victims as a result of violent crime, or emergencies such as fire, explosion, riot, stampede or structural failure that may occur on the premises.
Among South Florida’s biggest attractions for Spring Breakers are our beautiful beaches, warm weather and the many options for enjoying our ocean, bays, canals and other waterways. 
Boats, jet-skis and other watercraft must be handled competently & responsibly, to avoid boating accidents & injuries. Those untrained and unfamiliar with boating and other watercraft often cause collisions with other boats, or with docks, piers, buoys and even swimmers, resulting in tragic injuries and fatalities.
As you should always refrain from driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated by any substance, you should also never operate a boat or other watercraft while impaired.
We all want our visitors, all year round, to have a fun, memorable stay, but urge everyone to keep their safety & that of others in mind.
If you, a loved one or a friend has suffered a personal injury or had any type of motor vehicle or other accident while visiting South Florida, you want to defend your rights and pursue both justice & maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. 
If you are an out of state visitor or a visitor from outside the United States and you have suffered an accident or injury while in Florida, you should speak to an attorney who is knowledgeable on the personal injury and accident laws in Florida.
At Boca Injury Law, our award-winning attorneys offer our clients nearly 50 years of combined legal experience, aggressively pursuing the justice and compensation you deserve, in cases involving motor vehicle, boating, bicycle, pedestrian and slip & fall accidents & injuries, negligent security injuries and other similar accidents. 
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